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Antique Roll-Top Desk Restoration

Antique Roll-Top Desk Restoration

“I had found a great century-old rolltop office desk that was perfect for my home office, but it first needed some very serious help. In addition to the many expected signs of everyday use, the desk was missing several pieces of hardware, had a great number of serious scratches and deep marks, had mismatched shading in the finish, and in some areas, laminate was separating from the substrate. It was in dire need of care and attention.

After a bit of online research, I had the desk brought to the Weathersby Guild of Atlanta, where I met with Andrew and some of his knowledgeable staff. We discussed what could be done and what they would recommend, as well as costs and other related details. I decided to have them do a full refinishing of the entire piece, as just about every nook, corner and cranny needed some serious attention. I knew my desk was in good hands, and I looked forward to seeing how well it was going to turn out.

Once I received notice that the desk had been completed, I went to check it out, and I was absolutely stunned; it looked amazing! A century of use and abuse had been stripped away, leaving behind a gorgeous looking piece of furniture. The rough edges, uneven color, scuffs, scratches and dings had all been repaired. The loose laminate had been re-affixed, and the missing hardware had been replaced as well, all looking appropriately aged and fitting for this piece. Overall the desk looked nothing less than stunning, and I was thrilled with the end product.

Because of the fine work performed at the Weathersby Guild of Atlanta, I have no doubt that my desk will see another century of use and admiration. A huge thank you goes out to Andrew Maliszewski, his staff, and the talented craftsmen who all had a part in this remarkable restoration!!”